Iceland's Most Wanted:
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Iceland's Least Wanted:
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Survey results from Iceland:

The Iceland survey was conducted by Hagvangur hf. of Reykjavik. A random sample of 1000 Icelanders aged 18-67 came all parts of the country. Total number of inhabitants is 266,800. The survey was begun Monday, February 20 and completedd Tuesday, February 28, 1995. There were 713 replies, or a response rate of 71.3%. The net response rate was 75.7% after deducting the names of those who had died, those with foreign citizenship and those residing abroad.

The survey was carried out by telephone after receiving confirmation from the Computer Committee for administering the questionnaire and the selection of the sample. Each interview took an average of 20 minutes.

Hagvangur confirms that this survey sample reliably presents the opinions of the Icelandic nation as a whole.

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