Please note: This is the title page for the 1995 Fantastic Prayers website. If you are looking for the CD-ROM, released in 2000, please click here.

Welcome to Dia Center for the Arts's first site-specific web project. Fantastic Prayers is a collaboration of writer Constance DeJong, artist Tony Oursler, and musician Stephen Vitiello. Please see the Director's introduction and acknowledgments, the Press Release, or an overview of Fantastic Prayers for more information.
Elipses... are links to other pages. All images and icons (, ) are links. For information on file size for video and sound clips, please see the bottom of the page. These videos are intended to be looped. Videos are in quicktime (.mov) format, audio is in .wav format. Some pages in this project are optimized for Netscape 1.1, but it developed primarily for Netscape 1.0.

Texts, images, and sounds from this project are © 1995 Dia Center for the Arts, New York, and the artists. All rights reserved under International and Pan-American Copyright Convention regulations. No part of the contents of this project may be published or reproduced in any form without the express written consent of Dia and the artists.

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