Fantastic Prayers

the CD-ROM

the website

Fantastic Prayers, a collaboration of writer Constance DeJong, artist Tony Oursler, and musician/composer Stephen Vitiello, is a work that has had three unique incarnations. The project was originally conceived as a live performance which took place in Dan Graham's Rooftop Urban Park Project in Spring of 1995. Simultaneous to developing the performance, the artists created Fantastic Prayers, a web project, for Dia's then brand new web site which launched March 31, 1995. This project was developed for Netscape 1.1.

Fantastic Prayers has since evolved, through the continued collaborations of the three artists, into one of Dia's most experimental and innovative initiatives. Fantastic Prayers, the CD-Rom, was completed in June, 2000. Click here for detailed information, or to order, visit Dia's online bookstore.