List of French Survey Results

If you had to put a painting in your home, which colour would you like to see mainly?

Blue: 39%
No answer: 21%
Green: 17%
Red: 5%
Yellow: 4%
Brown: 3%
Black: 2%
Orange: 2%
Pink: 2%
Beige: 1%
White: 1%
Mauve: 1%


And which other colours would you like to see?

Green: 30%
Blue: 18%
Yellow: 18%
Red: 16%
White: 9%
No answer: 8%
Orange: 7%
Pink: 7%
Black: 5%
Brown: 4%
Beige: 2%
Grey: 2%
Gold: 1%
Mauve: 1%
Brown/wine: 1%
Peach/coral: 1%
Turquoise: 1%
Purple/lavender: 1%


When you choose a painting, a photograph or an object for your home, do you prefer a traditional or modern style?

Traditional: 60%
Modern: 22%
Both/it depends: 15%
No answer: 3%


Do you prefer paintings with wild or domestic animals, or both?

Both: 37%
Wild animals: 34%
Domestic animals: 16%
Neither: 8%
No anwer: 3%


Do you prefer paintings with outdoor or indoor scenes?

Outdoor scenes: 69%
Both, it depends: 17%
Indoor scenes: 10%
No answer: 3%
None: 1%


Which of the following subjects do you like best?
Paintings of:

Lakes, rivers, oceans: 42%
Fields & rural scenes: 24%
Forests: 10%
All have merit/depends: 6%
No answer: 3%
Cities: 2%
Houses & buildings: 1%


Which season would you like to see in this painting?

Fall: 39%
Spring: 33%
Summer: 14%
All have merit/depends: 9%
Winter: 3%
No answer: 2%


Which kind of indoor scenes described below would you prefer?
still life paintings of/domestic scenes with:

Figures: 26%
Flowers: 25%
Fruit: 15%
All have merit/depends: 14%
Animals: 12%
Domestic objects: 4%
No answer: 3%
None: 1%


Do you prefer paintings with religious references or ones without religious references?

Without religious: 72%
Depends/indifferent: 16%
Religious: 8%
No answer: 4%


Which of these two sentences describes how you feel the best?

I prefer paintings that represent reality.The more they look like photographs, the better.: 69%
I prefer abstract paintings that do not look like reality, otherwise, you may as well look at photographs.: 21%
Both, it depends.: 8%


Do you prefer paintings that exaggerate the dimensions and deform reality or paintings that are completely abstract and imaginary and have absolutely no ties with reality?

Imaginary: 50%
Exaggerations: 30%
Both, it depends: 14%
No answer: 5%


Concerning graphics, do you prefer geometrical patterns or free and unequal shapes?

Free and unequal: 70%
Geometrical patterns: 4%
Both, it depends: 12%
No answer: 4%


Concerning texture: do you prefer thick paintings with relief or smooth flat paintings?

Smooth flat paintings: 43%
Thick paintings with relief: 40%
Both, it depends: 12%
No answer: 4%


Each colour has a large range of shapes, a blue can be navy blue, sky blue or light blue; In general, you prefer paintings with:

Light shades: 55%
Very bright shades: 18%
No answer: 12%
Dark shades: 11%
It depends: 3%


In general, do you prefer paintings with a serious atmosphere or on the contrary, with a happy and festive one?

Happy & festive: 64%
Serious: 19%
Both, it depends: 14%
No answer: 4%


Do you prefer large or small paintings? To help you, the painting that you would like to buy, should it be the size of:

A television: 62%
Indifferent, unimportant: 20%
A washing machine: 7%
A refrigerator: 4%
No answer: 4%
A whole wall: 3%


Do you prefer paintings which depict:

Children: 48%
No answer: 32%
Women: 17%
Men: 2%


Do you prefer paintings which depict one person or a group of people?

A group of people: 46%
Only one person: 27%
It depends: 19%
No answer: 9%


Do you prefer paintings which depict one person or a group of people, nude, partially nude or completely dressed?

Partially dressed: 38%
Completely dressed: 27%
It depends: 22%
No answer: 7%
Nude: 6%


Imagine that someone would like to give you a present and asks you to choose between an amount of money or a painting that you like which is the same value. What would you choose?

Painting: 47%
Money: 41%
No answer: 8%
Both/Don't mind: 5%


For each of the following names, indicate if your impressions of that artist's work are very favorable, favorable, or very unfavorable. Some of these artists are not very well known, so if you have never heard of someone, or don't know enough about their work to have an opinion, just say so.

Pablo Picasso: vry fav-12%, fav-40%, unfav-30%, vry unfav-10%, neverhr-2%, don't know-6%
Salvador Dalivry: vry fav-13%, fav-32%, unfav-28%, vry unfav-12%, neverhr-2%, don't know-7%
Claude Monet: vry fav-30%, fav-52%, unfav-2%, vry unfav-0%, neverhr-10%, don't know-6%
Jackson Pollock: vry fav-1%, fav-6%, unfav-4%, vry unfav-0%, neverhr-85%, don't know-4%
Rembrandt: vry fav-19%, fav-54%, unfav-7%, vry unfav-0%, neverhr-12%, don't know-7%
Andy Warhol: vry fav-3%, fav-12%, unfav-6%, vry unfav-2%, neverhr-72%, don't know-6%
Combas: vry fav-1%, fav-7%, unfav-5%, vry unfav-1%, neverhr-81%, don't know-6%
Giacometti: vry fav-5%, fav-23%, unfav-4%, vry unfav-1%, neverhr-68%, don't know-7%
Cesar: vry fav-4%, fav-39%, unfav-15%, vry unfav-4%, neverhr-30%, don't know-9%
Bernard Buffet: vry fav-9%, fav-36%, unfav-16%, vry unfav-3%, neverhr-30%, don't know-6%
Matisse: vry fav-21%, fav-50%, unfav-5%, vry unfav-1%, neverhr-15%, don't know-8%


How often, on average, would you say that you go to art museums - more than two times a year, one or two times a year, less than once a year, or not at all?

Never: 33%
1 or 2 times/yr: 28%
> twice a yr: 20%
< once a yr: 17%
It depends: 2%

Do you go to the museum as often as you like?

no: 59%
yes: 41%

Why don't you go to the museum more often?

I never have enough spare time.: 50%
There isn't one near my house.: 28%
Other reasons: 16%
The entrance fee is too high.: 6%
I don't enjoy myself.: 4%
I don't feel comfortable: 2%
No answer.: 1%


Some works of art are exhibited in public places. Do you think that citizens should be asked about their opinions concerning the choice of works of art exhibited in public places?

should: 57%
should not: 29%
No answer: 14%



18 - 29: 27%
30 - 39: 20%
40 - 49: 17%
50 - 59: 10%
Over 60: 26%


Last level of education of the person interviewed.

Senior High School: 24%
CAP/BEP (Professional): 20%
Primary School (6-11 yrs): 15%
DEUG/DUT (Bachelors): 14%
University/Doctorate: 14%
Junior High School: 12%


Interviewee's Profession

Self employed/manager: 52%
Retired: 25%
Other or without: 20%
Employee: 16%
Intermediary profession: 15%
Worker: 12%
Senior executive/intellectual: 8%
Farmer: 2%



Female: 52%
Male: 48%