Fantastic Prayers

Audio from Fantastic Prayers
The following audio recordings were created for various forms of the Fantastic Prayers collaboration -- outdoor installations, performances, as well as elements used on the CD-ROM and for the website. Except for Tour, which can be played by placing the Fantastic Prayers CD-ROM in any audio CD player, these tracks are not on the CD-ROM in their entirety.

Real Audio or MP3
voice: Sara Tucker and Lena Dunham
guitar: Stephen Vitiello
recorded and mixed by Paul Geluso at Harvestworks

Lost Things
Real Audio or MP3
bassoon: Claire DeBrunner voice: Constance DeJong slide guitar: David Tronzo sampler: Stephen Vitiello

Blue Cup
Real Audio or MP3
voice: Constance DeJong
acoustic guitar: Peter Griggs
electric guitar: Chris Stamey
12 string acoustic guitar: Stephen Vitiello

Real Audio or MP3
voice: Constance DeJong
arrangement, voice: Tony Oursler
samples: Stephen Vitiello

Water (instrumental version)
Real Audio or MP3
glass marimba: Josefina Cerqueira
plastic cup slide guitar: David Tronzo
electric guitar: Stephen Vitiello

All tracks mixed by Bill Seery at Mercer Media, with the exception of Tour which was recorded and mixed by Paul Geluso at Harvestworks.

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