Fantastic Prayers


Natatorium is made up of many layers of words, sounds, coins, bugs, drawings, and videos. Click on any layer for it to take over the screen, or use the following highlighted numbers and symbols for keyboard access: 0 Words   1 Negative city   2 Cells   3 Bugs   4 Coins   5 Children's Drawings   6 Heads   7 Script   8 Roof   9 Sound   10 video   ! Barn   @ Car Graveyard   # Prison   $ Chevron   % Worms  Photos of abandoned natatorium: Zoe Beloff
Children’s drawings: Peter Rey, Cooper Rey
Soundscreen: Josefina Cerqueira, Bob Bielecki, Nam June Paik, Lena Dunham, sample sources; Bob Bielecki, production and design assistance

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