Fantastic Prayers

Ludlow Street

There are 7 links to all of the other environments from within Ludlow Street plus 7 internal activities. The highlighted numbers can be used as keyboard shortcuts into the subscreens:

1 Crows & Cellos   2 I-Ching   3 ITILOE   4 Water   5 Trash   6 Roof

Ambient sound recording: Neil Benezra
“Cellos and Crows” song: Constance De Jong, voice; Stephen Vitiello, sampler; mixed by Paul Geluso, Harvestworks
I-Ching phone message: Sandra Penna
VR nodes: Zoe Beloff
“Water” music: Josefina Cerqueira, glass marimba; David Tronzo, plastic cup, slide guitar; Stephen Vitiello, guitar. Special thanks to Steve Seid, Pacific Film Archive.

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