Fantastic Prayers


In the Graveyard, there are 7 subscreens, each containing video and audio works. The highlighted numbers can be used as keyboard shortcuts into the subscreens:

1 Lenskill   2 Audience   3 Birds   4 Kill This   5 Fire   6 Dingo   7 Opera

Funding for portions of this section was provided by the Experimental Television Center
Additional interactive design and production: Fischer Multimedia Arts
Aerial photography: Tony Oursler, Michael Govan
Angel: Jamaica Plains, Massachusetts
Audience: New York City
Audio ghosts: Constance De Jong, voiceover
Band in crypt: Sonic Youth
Birds: Dallas, Texas
Bones: Catacombs, Paris
Director #1 and #2 on tombstones: Tony Oursler; text by Tony Oursler
Fire: Catharine Dill
Flower director: David Bowie; text by Tony Oursler
Ghosts: David West
People in camera lens: Diana Thater, Kelly Mason, Jim Shaw, Marnie Weber, Anita Pace, Niagara, the Colonel, Mike Kelley
Screaming woman on tombstone: Tracy Leipold
Singer howling on tombstones: Kim Gordon

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