Download Tap for your PDA

Tap (female)

Tap (male)

To get Tap on your Palm OS PDA (Personal Digital Assistant):

  1. Doubleclick on the male or female dancer to download and save to a folder on your hard drive. Extract the .zip file to make a single file, tap-female.prc or tap-male.prc.
  2. On your PC, go to Start, then Programs, then find the Palm Desktop application folder and choose the Install Tool. Click "Add" and select the file you downloaded (tap-female.prc and/or tap-male.prc) then click "Done".
    If you are using a Mac, refer to your Palm desktop application instructions for installing new software.
  3. Hot-sync your PDA. When finished, you will see an icon for Tap on the PDA. The first time it is launched it will take a few moments to complete its installation.

You will need 230k of free space for each dancer. Tap can be used on all Palm OS 3.1 or higher devices.