I am grateful to the people who gave some time and focus to working on this project: Allan Isaac, Ariel Kavoussi, Nancy Baker Cahill, Carol Ali, Gwendolyn Walker, Carlos Diaz-Sullivan, Charlie Starenko, Doug Paisley, Chris Rumsey, Emmanuel Whyte, Kara Walker, Kirsten Rumsey, Stefanie Solum, Kanishka Raja, Rick Lescarbeau, Michael Reed, Jesse L. Martin, Frank Bradley, and Anne Shikany (who appears on the "Even More" page below.)

I would also like to thank Wayne Hammond from the Chapin Library, Linda Reynolds from the Visual Resources Center, and Christine Ménard from Reseach and Reference Services, all from Williams College, who assisted with John Brown research. Rick Lescarbeau also provided valuable technical assistance. Max Tannone from Dia was resourcefully able to make the whole project work optimally on the web. Kelly Kivland and Sara Tucker from Dia were both instrumental in the project being realized and offered important support, both technical and otherwise.

I’d also like to thank Peter DiLalla for permission to use his “John Brown’s Rap.” He has other historical videos you can check out on his YouTube page at http://www.youtube.com/user/dilalpe?feature=watch. In Allan’s video, he is singing along to Lew Dite’s version of “John Brown’s Body,” which you can find at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGPN2x0ChnY along with other songs for which he offers lyrics and playing instructions. If you have arrived at this point and are still wondering "Who was John Brown?" then please click here. If you have comments, please email john.brown.song@gmail.com