Readings in Contemporary Poetry

Thursday, May 14th, 1999
548 West 22nd Street, NYC, 7:00pm

Dominique Fourcade

Dominique Fourcade was born in Paris in 1938. His books of poetry include Le ciel pas d’angle (P.O.L., 1983), Rose-déclic (P.O.L., 1984), Son blanc du un (P.O.L., 1986), Xbo (P.O.L., 1988), Outrance utterance et autres élégies (P.O.L., 1990), IL (P.O.L., 1994), and most recently, Le sujet monotype (P.O.L., 1997). Both Rose-déclic (Click-Rose) and Xbo have been translated into English by Keith Waldrop and Robert Kocik, respectively, and have been published by Sun and Moon Press. Dominique Fourcade lives in Paris.